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Whatever your language level or your nationality, our language exchange social network will allow you to practice different languages, online or offline, while you make new friends and discover new cultures. Learn English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Tamil, Telugu and ANY language for FREE! If you want to learn languages, if you are a complete beginner or if your level is advanced; if you want to meet international friends, you are an expat, an Erasmus student, a globe or business traveller, a real polyglot, or simply curious to discover new cultures...Then, you are at the right place!

Find Language Friends

Find members ready to help you learn your favorite language and in return, teach them your mother tongue. For example, if you are from France and want to learn English, you can find an American or English friend learning French. Then, you can either practice online (private messages or chat room) or offline during tandem sessions or language exchange meetings. Follow your friends, share tips and learning techniques.

Attend Language Exchange Events all over the World

We offer all kinds of language learning or cultural events near you to encourage you to speak in real situations and meet with international friends, expatriates, locals, students, business travellers, couchsurfers...: check out our next classes, courses, workshops, language exchange meetings, polyglot cafés, international parties, trips and all kinds of events in France, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, Bolivia, Brazil, United States, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Ecuador, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, China, Ukraine or ANYWHERE in the world! If you feel like an event organizer, feel free to suggest a new event to the community. You can also become an official Polyglot Club administrator or ambassador of your region or country. Get involved with us now!

Correct a Text or a Sentence

Use our correction tool to improve your written skills. When you submit an entry or a small essay written in the language you are learning, native speakers will help you improve with their corrections and comments. Save corrections in your notebook to review them later. In return you can also help other members correct their texts written in your native language.

Chat Online in Real Time

Use our chat room to improve your writing skills. When you enter the room just tell us what language you want to practise and other online members will be happy to help you. You can then start a live conversation.

Watch language learning videos

Watch all kinds of language learning videos shared by the community. Those videos adapted to your level will help you improve your listening comprehension skills, grammar, vocabulary, accent or your knowledge of the culture. Add your best videos on your profile or share them with your friends.

For example, our community can provide you with:
- An English native speaker living in Paris, Barcelona or Istanbul,
- A language exchange meeting in Moscow, Beijing or Rio,
- An international party in New York, Berlin or Brussels,
- A business English or conversation class in Rome, Shanghai, Tunis or Algiers,
- A Chinese caligraphy workshop in Sousse, Madrid or London,
- A trip from Paris to London, Mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo, Brussels, la Plagne or Amsterdam,
- All kinds of videos to learn and practice French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish or German.

So, no time to waste, come and join us!

Comprehensive Language Courses 🇫🇷 Français 🇷🇺 Русский язык 🇸🇦 العربية القياسية 🇹🇷 Türkçe 🇪🇸 Español 🇵🇹 Português 🇮🇷 فارسی 🇵🇱 Język polski 🇮🇹 Italiano 🇨🇳 官話 🇩🇪 Deutsch 🇺🇦 Українська мова 🇻🇳 Tiếng Việt 🇮🇩 Bahasa Indonesia 🇹🇭 ภาษาไทย 🇦🇧 Aҧсуа бызшәа 🇷🇴 Limba Română 🇰🇷 한국어 🇪🇬 Egyptian Arabic 🇭🇺 Magyar 🇯🇵 日本語 🇳🇱 Nederlands 🇮🇳 हिन्दी 🇭🇷 Hrvatski jezik 🇲🇦 الدارجة 🇨🇳 粵語 🇷🇸 Српски 🇬🇷 Νέα Ελληνικά 🇸🇪 Svenska 🇮🇱 עברית 🇧🇬 Български език 🇦🇿 Şimali Azərbaycanlılar 🇨🇿 Český jazyk 🇫🇮 Suomen kieli 🇵🇰 اُردُو 🇮🇳 தமிழ் 🇰🇿 Қазақ тілі 🇵🇭 Wikang Tagalog 🇦🇲 Հայերէն 🇱🇹 Lietuvių kalba 🇲🇾 Bahasa Melayu 🇧🇩 বাংলা 🇸🇰 Slovenčina 🇪🇸 Català 🇧🇦 Bosanski 🇮🇶 Kurmancî 🇩🇰 Dansk 🇮🇳 తెలుగు 🇳🇴 Norsk Bokmål 🇮🇳 മലയാളം 🇲🇦 ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ ⵜⴰⵏⴰⵡⴰⵢⵜ 🇹🇿 Kiswahili 🇺🇿 'Ўзбек тили 🇱🇰 සිංහල 🇹🇳 Tunisian Arabic 🇬🇪 ქართული ენა 🇪🇪 Eesti keel 🇦🇱 Toskë 🇧🇾 Беларуская мова 🇿🇦 Afrikaans 🇮🇳 मराठी 🇳🇵 नेपाली भाषा 🇱🇻 Latviešu 🇭🇹 Kreyòl ayisyen 🇲🇳 Монгол Хэл 🇸🇮 Slovenski jezik 🇪🇹 ኣማርኛ 🇸🇳 Wolof 🇲🇬 Fiteny Malagasy 🇮🇳 ಕನ್ನಡ 🇰🇬 Кыргыз тили 🇳🇬 Èdè Yorùbá 🇸🇴 Af-Soomaali 🇮🇳 ਪੰਜਾਬੀ 🇲🇰 Македонски јазик 🇦🇫 منځنۍ پښتو 🇬🇭 Twi 🇲🇲 မြန်မာစာ 🇮🇩 ꦧꦱꦗꦮ 🇹🇲 Türkmen dili 🇩🇿 Kabyle 🇹🇯 Тоҷикӣ 🇮🇶 Central Kurdish 🏛️ Lingua Latina 🇦🇫 دری 🇨🇩 Lingála 🇷🇺 Tатар теле 🇰🇭 ភាសាខ្មែរ 🇳🇱 Frysk 🇿🇦 IsiZulu 🇲🇬 Plateau Malagasy 🇿🇼 Shona 🇳🇬 Harshen Hausa 🇷🇼 Kinyarwanda 🇮🇸 Íslenska 🇧🇼 Setswana 🇪🇸 Galego 🇪🇸 Euskara 🇮🇳 ଓଡ଼ିଆ 🇪🇷 ትግርኛ Gàidhlig South Azerbaijani सिन्धी ລາວ IsiXhosa Ásụ̀sụ̀ Ị̀gbò অসমীয়া Malti Gaeilge Башҡорт теле Føroyskt Na Vosa Vakaviti Gagana Sāmoa Sesotho Sugbuanon Afaan Borana Cymraeg Ikirundi