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delacero profile picture delaceroAugust 2022
des plans de reprise pour la rentrée en
france à Montpellier ou à Guadalajara, Mexique?
XiaoNa profile picture XiaoNaApril 2022

Everything is beautiful

vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2022
Hello expats, 😀

On the Polyglot Club website, we are collaboratively creating many free lessons for learning any language. There are already almost 10,000 lessons.

We would need volunteers to proofread and correct them if necessary. If you wish, you can correct ***only a few words***, others will continue... These are WIKI pages (like on WikiPedia).

To start editing:

1. Go here:
2. Choose a language
3. Choose a lesson and click EDIT

Thank you very much for your help polyglots! 👍

If you have any questions feel free to comment here
vincent profile picture vincentDecember 2021
POLYGLOT CLUB PARIS is organizing a Christmas party for all those who are far from home or cannot spend Christmas with their family.
Join us TONIGHT on December 24 from 8:00 p.m.
We will be happy to welcome you for a great time. Share languages, smiles, love, happiness, and whatever else you want ...

And in the role of ”Papa Santa”, your host: Brice

Price: The entrance fee is 5 € (includes Christmas hat .. only 50 pieces, first come, first served)
You have to buy an extra drink to support the bar that welcomes us (no extra charge for drinks).
10 p.m .:
We are going to play a COOL Christmas GAME. To participate, please bring a small gift and wrap it up.
Upon arrival, you will receive a tag with your name and the languages spoken so that you can more easily establish contact with other participants.
If you want to participate in our game, thank you for giving your gift to our host, Brice, who will keep it preciously and give you a ticket in exchange that you must not lose !!
We are expecting many of you! See you there everyone!
To participate, you must register HERE:
vincent profile picture vincentSeptember 2021

oyé oyé !!! Ce Lundi une équipe de tournage de TF1 sera présente pendant la soirée Français/Allemand.


S'inscire ICI :

vincent profile picture vincentDecember 2020

C’était encore très sympa mardi dernier le meeting ZOOM fr/en, nous étions 35 participants ! (avec une bonne parité anglophones natifs /francophones natifs)

Si vous voulez, on se refait ça ce mardi toujours à 19h30 (heure de Paris). Quelle heure est il à Paris ? =

Réserver ICI :

L’équipe Polyglot Club ONLINE



It was very nice last Tuesday the fr/en ZOOM meeting, we were 35 participants! (with a good parity of native English speakers / native French speakers)
Let’s do it again this Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. (Paris time). What time is it in Paris ? =

RSVP here:

Polyglot Club ONLINE team

Arman1993 profile picture Arman1993March 2020
hi to every one . I like learn French and germany and improved my English language . for there I like help me
Rua profile picture RuaJune 2018
Bonjour, je m'appelle Savva, je suis ukrainien.Je parle russe et français. Je voudrais rencontrer de nouveaux amis.



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