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Bonjour à tous (Hi everyone!)


Please let me know if  someone have some idea for start a meeting in lorraine  i  wait some suggestion about good place or activities .

hope read someone soon!!!!



Shalimar2009 profile picture Shalimar2009May 2016
Hello there, I am a French girl and i would be pleased to improve my English with native people. I can help you to strenghten your French. Hear you soon
moulwhite profile picture moulwhiteAugust 2013
hi who would waant to speak english or spanish with me i can help in french
Blue_22 profile picture Blue_22December 2012
Hello,exchange french-english!
babybear123 profile picture babybear123November 2012
Hi everyone! I'm a Chinese girl.I want chat with someone in French or Ehglish and I can teach you Chinese just contact me!
marlyse profile picture marlyseNovember 2012
Hi, i search a correspondent, i'm French and i want to learn more English, i can to learn French for you
Anchan57 profile picture Anchan57October 2012
Hi ! Just let's forget all this stuff about introduction~ Just send message if you want to chat in English or learn French
audreycozzo profile picture audreycozzoOctober 2012
Hi, I search someone who want learn french, I want to improve my English
Francaise57 profile picture Francaise57September 2012
I want speak english with someone !
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