[SUPSPENDED] ONLINE French/English Tuesdays 19h30

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  • Date: Mar 23, 2021
  • Time: 19:30
  • Address: Address visible for attendees
  • Price : 4.4€
  • Number of Attendees expected: 40
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Hello everyone,

We are sorry to inform you that Every Tuesday ONLINE FRENCH/ENGLISH events are SUSPENDED. 

Vincent, one of the organizer is no longer able for the moment to ensure the organization, for personal reasons. 

As soon as we have a date for the return of these events, we will let you know.

Vincent and Dónal



. NEW: First participation FREE!

. NEW: Discussion TOPIC (see below)

. ATTENTION, the event will start at 19h30 (Paris time). What time is it in Paris?


Join us every TUESDAY from 19h30 to 21h30 (Paris Time) for our weekly French/English ONLINE Meeting via ZOOM. French/English speakers from all over the world will be split into small groups and will engage in 2 rounds of conversation. During each round, you will speak 15 minute French followed by 15 minutes English.


  • - The host manages the switch overs and informs speakers when to change languages.
  • - In the groups, we ensure that we have a good balance between native English and French speakers.
  • - You can choose to be in groups of 2, 3 or 4 people.
  • - Optimal level: A2 or higher



Give it a try and you'll see!

While waiting for the return of meetings in real life (in Paris, Marseille, Aix ...), it is really a good compromise!

For the price of a drink in a bar (4.4 euros), you have a pleasant and friendly time for 2 hours while practicing French and English.

You will be able to meet interesting people from all walks of life.

Dónal, your friendly Irish host will make you feel at ease. Vincent, your French technical guru will make the event as smooth as possible.

You can choose the size of your discussion group: 2, 3 or 4 people and the level of the participants in your group. We guarantee a good balance between native French and English speakers.

If you were not satisfied, we will refund you immediately, on request.

So, do not hesitate a second, reserve your place for this Tuesday laugh




19h30 - 20h00: Participants join the meeting and the host explains how the exchange will take place.



20h00 - 20h30: Participants are split into the small groups and speak for 15 minutes in French followed by 15 minutes in English.

No topic: free discussion.



20h30 - 20h45: Participants are automatically brought back to the main room.



20h45 - 21h15: New breakout groups.

TOPIC for March, 23: "Free time & Hobbies"



21h15 - 21h30: Important message from host.



You can use Zoom on your desktop or mobile.

Download ZOOM here: https://zoom.us/support/download


We recommend, after installation, that you join the following test meeting to verify that your microphone and webcam are working:

Join the test meeting: https://zoom.us/test



If this is your first participation, you will be able to access the event for FREE. Else, you will have to pay an entrance fee of 4.40 €, for each event.

Click the button below "Join the Zoom event" to receive your personal link to have access to the online event. 


Why the participation fee? This helps cover expenses (ZOOM subscription) and motivate the organizers to provide you with quality service every week.

See you THIS TUESDAY!  😊



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vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2021

Hello everyone,

We are sorry to inform you that tonight's event (ONLINE FRENCH/ENGLISH TUESDAYS) unfortunately has to be canceled.

The people who paid have already been refunded.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

See you next time!

The Polyglot Club team

vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2021
TOPIC for March, 23: ”Free time & Hobbies”
vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2021

NEW: TOPIC for the 2nd session:

- A (beginner) - WEATHER: What is the weather like at this time of year where you live? How is it going to change in the next few months? Do you have four different seasons during the year? What are they like? What season do you like best?

- B (intermediate level) - CUISINE: What is the cuisine like in your country? Do you have any special dishes or recipes to share? Is there something that your mother or father or grandparents cooked that you miss? What do you think of French food? What do you think of American or English or Scottish or Irish or Australian food?

- C (advanced level) - BOOKS: What kind of books are you reading? Crime, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classics. Any recommendations?

rada_jumro profile picture rada_jumroMarch 2021
it’s still charging me for it even though I never did the event before. Anyone else having this problem?
  • vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2021
    It means you have registered before for this event (on the PolyglotClub website) but never attended the actual Zoom event. This can happen. Make sure if you register here, you also attend the zoom event. After checking I’ll send you your personal link in Personal Message
vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2021

See you tonight ! :)

. ATTENTION, the event will start at 19h30 (Paris time). What time is it in Paris?

redwan_lzr profile picture redwan_lzrFebruary 2021
I want to be in this amazing conversation !