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Complete 0 to A1 Japanese Course

Hi Japanese learners! 😊

Welcome to the Complete 0 to A1 Japanese Course! In this course, we will take you from absolute beginner to the A1 level, which means you will be able to understand and use everyday phrases and expressions, introduce yourself and others, and communicate on basic and routine tasks.

Here is a summary of what you will learn in this course:

Hiragana Basics - Learn to read, write, and pronounce all the basic hiragana characters. - Understand the basic word order and sentence structure in Japanese. - Learn how to use and differentiate the particles は and が in Japanese sentences. - Learn how to conjugate verbs in present and past tense and positive and negative forms. - Learn how to modify nouns and adjectives using the particle の and な respectively. - Learn how to ask and answer basic questions in Japanese using question words and phrases.

Greetings and Introductions - Learn how to greet someone in Japanese in different situations and times of the day. - Learn how to introduce yourself and others, and ask and answer basic personal questions. - Learn how to describe people’s physical appearance, personality, and occupation. - Learn how to count numbers and tell time in Japanese, and apply them in practical situations. - Learn how to order food and drinks in Japanese, and understand basic menu items and restaurant etiquette. - Learn how to talk about your daily routine, leisure activities, and hobbies. - Learn how to ask for and give directions, use basic transportation means, and navigate around a city.

Geography and History - Learn about the physical and cultural geography of Japan, including regions, landmarks, and symbols. - Learn about the major periods, events, and figures in Japanese history, and their impact on modern Japan. - Learn about the traditional arts and customs of Japan, including calligraphy, tea ceremony, kimono, and festivals. - Learn about the contemporary popular culture and entertainment of Japan, including anime, manga, games, and music.

Adjectives and Adverbs - Learn how to conjugate adjectives and compare them using the basic pattern ~より~. - Learn about the different types and usage of adjectives in Japanese, including na-adjectives, i-adjectives, and adjectival nouns. - Learn about the different types and usage of adverbs in Japanese, including time, place, manner, degree, and frequency adverbs. - Learn how to express comparison and superlative using the basic patterns ~より~ and ~で一番~. - Learn how to modify adjectives and adverbs using the particle に and ~く.

Family and Social Relations - Learn how to address and introduce family members and relatives in Japanese, and use the appropriate titles and honorifics. - Learn how to use polite and humble expressions, and understand the basic social norms and customs in Japanese society. - Learn how to introduce yourself and others in a professional setting, and use the basic workplace and business vocabulary. - Learn how to shop for goods and services in Japan, and understand the consumer culture and phenomena.

Religion and Philosophy - Learn about the indigenous Shinto and the imported Buddhism religions of Japan, and how they coexist and influence each other. - Learn about the Zen philosophy and the samurai culture of Japan, and their impact on art, literature, and popular culture. - Learn about the modern spiritual movements and beliefs in Japan, including New Age, cults, and urban legends.

Particles and Conjunctions - Learn how to use and differentiate the particles に and で in Japanese sentences, and express time, place, instrument, and means. - Learn how to use and differentiate the particles へ and を in Japanese sentences, and express direction and object. - Learn how to use and contrast the particles も and しか in Japanese sentences, and express similarity and restriction. - Learn how to connect and combine sentences in Japanese using conjunctions and compound sentence structures. - Learn how to express conditional and hypothetical situations in Japanese using the basic patterns ~たら~ and ~ば~.

Travel and Tourism - Learn how to talk about and plan a trip to Japan, and use the basic travel and tourism vocabulary. - Learn about the famous tourist attractions and landmarks in Japan, including cities, temples, shrines, cast

Table of Contents - Japanese Course - 0 to A1[edit source]

Hiragana Basics

Greetings and Introductions

Geography and History

Adjectives and Adverbs

Family and Social Relations

Religion and Philosophy

Particles and Conjunctions

Travel and Tourism

Education and Science

Prepositions and Interjections

Arts and Media

Politics and Society

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