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Complete 0 to A1 Spanish Course

Hi Spanish learners! 😊
Welcome to the Complete 0 to A1 Spanish Course! In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language and gain the skills needed to achieve an A1 level of proficiency. Through interactive lessons, you will immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture and develop the ability to communicate effectively in everyday situations.

Introduction to Spanish Begin your journey by learning the basics of the Spanish language. During this section, you will explore the different sounds and letters of the Spanish alphabet, study gender and how it affects Spanish nouns, and acquire proficiency in the use of definite and indefinite articles and subject pronouns.

  1. The Spanish Alphabet and Pronunciation
  2. Nouns and Gender
  3. Definite and Indefinite Articles
  4. Subject Pronouns

Verbs The next section of your course will enable you to expand your vocabulary by learning new verbs in a variety of contexts. You will master the essentials of conjugating regular, irregular, and stem-changing verbs in the present tense, become proficient in the use of the verbs 'ser' and 'estar,' and exercise using reflexive verbs.

  1. Present Tense Verbs
  2. Ser and Estar
  3. Reflexive Verbs

Adjectives There is no way to learn Spanish without acquiring knowledge of adjectives. You will develop the skill to use descriptive adjectives correctly, match them with nouns, understand and use demonstrative adjectives.

  1. Descriptive Adjectives
  2. Demonstrative Adjectives

Pronouns In this section, you will learn how to correctly use direct and indirect object pronouns in sentences and match them with verbs. This section will strengthen your ability to communicate naturally in the Spanish language.

  1. Direct Object Pronouns
  2. Indirect Object Pronouns

Common Words and Phrases In this section, you will learn the most popular and useful words and phrases used in everyday communication in the Spanish language. This vocabulary of words and phrases includes, among others, greetings, numbers, and days of the week.

  1. Greetings and Salutations
  2. Numbers and Counting
  3. Days of the Week and Months of the Year

Food and Drink During this section, you will improve your vocabulary in terms of food and restaurant phrases, learn the names of common foods in Spanish and how to use them correctly.

  1. Common Foods
  2. Restaurant Phrases

Travel and Directions Travel and directions are essential skills needed to communicate effectively in Spanish. You will be able to ask for directions in Spanish and understand responses, understand and use hotel vocabulary with ease.

  1. Asking for Directions
  2. Hotel Vocabulary

Spanish-Speaking Countries In this section, you will learn about the cultural traditions, history, and famous landmarks of Spanish-speaking countries like Spain and Latin America.

  1. Spain: History and Culture
  2. Latin America: History and Culture

Celebrations and Festivals Día de los Muertos and Cinco de Mayo are two of the cultural celebrations and traditions you will learn about in this section.

  1. Día de los Muertos
  2. Cinco de Mayo

Hispanic Heritage Month Learn about notable Hispanic figures like artists, athletes, and politicians who shape and contribute to the Hispanic culture.

  1. Notable Hispanic Figures
  2. Hispanic Influence on Music and Dance

➡ If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. 😎

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