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Complete 0 to A1 Bosnian Course

Hi Bosnian learners! 😊

Welcome to the Complete 0 to A1 Bosnian Course! This course is designed for complete beginners and will take you to the A1 level of Bosnian language proficiency. In this course, you will learn the following:

  1. Bosnian Alphabet and Pronunciation: Get familiar with the Bosnian alphabet and the correct pronunciation of each letter. This lesson will help you build a strong foundation for your Bosnian language journey.
  2. Special Characters and Sounds: Discover the unique characters and sounds in the Bosnian alphabet, such as č, ć, dž, đ, lj, nj, š, and ž. Practice pronouncing these special characters to improve your speaking skills.
  3. Basic Bosnian Sentence Structure: Learn the basic sentence structure in Bosnian, which follows the Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) order. Practice forming simple sentences using this structure.
  4. Questions and Negations: Understand how to form questions and negations in Bosnian. Practice creating interrogative and negative sentences using different verbs and subjects.
  5. Greetings and Introductions: Learn common Bosnian greetings and phrases for saying hello, goodbye, and expressing gratitude. Practice using these phrases in everyday conversations.
  6. Nouns and Pronouns: Understand the concept of noun gender in Bosnian and how to form plurals. Practice identifying the gender of nouns and converting singular nouns to plural.
  7. Verbs and Tenses: Learn how to conjugate regular and irregular verbs in the present tense. Practice forming sentences using different verbs and subjects in the present tense.
  8. Numbers and Time: Learn the numbers from 1 to 100 in Bosnian. Practice counting, reading, and writing numbers in various contexts, such as shopping and telling the time.
  9. Food and Drink: Learn the names of common Bosnian foods and dishes. Practice using food-related vocabulary in conversations about meals, grocery shopping, and dining out.
  10. Travel and Transportation: Learn the names of different modes of transportation in Bosnian. Practice using transportation-related vocabulary in conversations about travel and commuting.
  11. Bosnian Customs and Traditions: Learn about major Bosnian holidays and celebrations, their origins, and how they are observed. Practice using holiday-related vocabulary in conversations.
  12. Adjectives and Adverbs: Learn how to use adjectives in Bosnian and how they agree with the nouns they describe. Practice forming sentences with adjectives and different noun genders.
  13. Family and Relationships: Learn the names of family members and relationships in Bosnian. Practice using family-related vocabulary in conversations about your own and others’ families.
  14. Hobbies and Leisure Activities: Learn the names of common hobbies and leisure activities in Bosnian. Practice using hobby-related vocabulary to discuss your interests and pastimes.
  15. Bosnian Literature and Cinema: Explore the world of Bosnian literature by learning about famous Bosnian writers and their works. Discover the history and development of Bosnian cinema, including famous films and directors.

We hope you enjoy this journey into the Bosnian language and culture! 🌍

➡ If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. 😎

Table of Contents - Bosnian Course - 0 to A1[edit source]

Introduction to Bosnian Alphabet

Basic Bosnian Sentence Structure

Greetings and Introductions

Nouns and Pronouns

Verbs and Tenses

Numbers and Time

Food and Drink

Travel and Transportation

Bosnian Customs and Traditions

Adjectives and Adverbs

Family and Relationships

Hobbies and Leisure Activities

Bosnian Literature and Cinema


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