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Complete 0 to A1 Malay (individual language) Course

Hi Malay (individual language) learners! 😊

Are you ready to learn Malay from scratch and reach the A1 level? This course is designed for complete beginners who want to learn the basics of Malay and get a solid grasp of the language. Over the course of this extensive learning journey, you will learn Malay grammar, vocabulary, and culture, and develop your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Here is a summary of the content we will cover in this course:


  • Malay Alphabet and Pronunciation: Learn the Malay alphabet and its pronunciation, including vowel and consonant sounds.
  • Nouns and Pronouns: Discover Malay nouns, including gender, number, and case, as well as pronouns and their usage.
  • Verbs and Tenses: Cover Malay verbs and their conjugation, including present, past, and future tenses.
  • Adjectives and Adverbs: Learn to use Malay adjectives and adverbs correctly, including formation and comparison.
  • Prepositions and Conjunctions: Introduce Malay prepositions and conjunctions and their use in sentence structure.
  • Questions and Interrogatives: Learn about Malay question words and how to form different types of questions in Malay.

Basic Vocabulary

  • Food and Drinks: Discover basic Malay food and drinks vocabulary, including the names of different dishes and beverages.
  • Numbers and Counting: Introduce Malay numbers and counting, including cardinal and ordinal numbers.
  • Colors and Shapes: Learn the names of colors and shapes in Malay, including basic descriptions and usage.
  • Everyday Objects: Cover everyday objects in Malay, including home appliances, clothing, and personal items.
  • Family and Relationships: Talk about your Family and different types of relationships in Malay.
  • Travel and Transportation: Cover Malay travel vocabulary, including transportation and accommodation.
  • Jobs and Professions: Talk about different jobs and professions in Malay, including their descriptions and duties.

Malay Culture and Tradition

  • Religion and Festivals: Learn about Islam, the main religion in Malaysia and important festivals, including Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.
  • Malay Customs and Traditions: Cover Malay customs and traditions, including etiquette, dress codes, and social norms.
  • Art and Music: Learn about Malay traditional arts and music, including dance, theatre, and gamelan.
  • Malay Cuisine: Introduce Malay cuisine, including different types of dishes, ingredients, and cooking methods.

Intermediate Structures

  • Relative Clauses: Learn how to create and use relative clauses in Malay, including complex sentence structure.
  • Passive Voice: Discover passive voice in Malay, including formation and usage.
  • Conditional Sentences: Cover Malay conditional sentences, including different types, formation, and usage.
  • Causative Verbs: Introduce causative verbs in Malay, including formation and usage.

Advanced Vocabulary

  • Politics and Government: Learn how to talk about politics and government in Malay, including different branches of government and important figures.
  • Science and Technology: Cover advanced Malay vocabulary related to science and technology, including computer terms and medical terminology.
  • Literature and Poetry: Discover Malay literature and poetry, including important authors and famous works.
  • Business and Finance: Talk about advanced Malay business and finance vocabulary, including different types of businesses and financial institutions.

Modern Malaysia

  • Malay Society Today: Learn about modern Malay society, including demographic trends, social issues, and current events.
  • Pop Culture and Entertainment: Cover contemporary Malay pop culture, including film, music, and television.

A1 Exam Preparation

  • A1 Exam Overview: Learn about the A1 exam format, including the different sections and question types.
  • Exam Strategies: Cover tips and strategies for success on the A1 exam, including time management and question-answering techniques.
  • Practice Exams: Practice your Malay language skills with sample A1 exams, complete with answers and explanations.

➡ If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. 😎

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