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Complete 0 to A1 Serbian Course

Hi Serbian learners! 😊
Are you interested in learning Serbian? Do you want to start from the beginning and reach the A1 level? Then, this "Complete 0 to A1 Serbian Course" is perfect for you! In this presentation, you will learn about our course content and methodology. Let's start!

Our course is aimed at complete beginners and will take you to the A1 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Here is a summary of our course content:

Introduction to Serbian Grammar

  • Nouns: Gender and Number
  • Cases: Nominative and Accusative
  • Pronouns: Personal Pronouns
  • Verbs: Present Tense
  • Verbs: Past Tense

Introduction to Serbian Vocabulary

  • Greetings and Introductions
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Food and Drink
  • Family and Relationships
  • Transportation and Directions

Introduction to Serbian Culture

  • Traditional Serbian Music
  • Religious Festivals
  • Folk Dances
  • Serbian Films
  • Cuisine

<Pronouns: Possessive Pronouns

  • Verbs: Future Tense
  • Adjectives: Comparative and Superlative
  • Verbs: Imperative


  • Clothes and Accessories
  • At the Market
  • Banking and Money

Sports and Recreation

  • Football in Serbia
  • Winter Sports
  • Music Festivals

Adjectives: Declension

  • Verbs: Perfective and Imperfective
  • Verbs: Reflexive Verbs

Jobs and Professions

  • Places around Town
  • Education and Learning

Literature and Poetry

  • Medieval Serbian Literature
  • Contemporary Serbian Poetry

Verbs: Conditional

  • Verbs: Participles
  • Verbs: Infinitives

Entertainment and Media

  • Movies and Theater
  • Music and Performances

Art and Artists

  • Famous Serbian Painters
  • Contemporary Serbian Art Scene

As you can see, our course covers various aspects of Serbian language, culture, and art. We believe that language learning should not only focus on grammar and vocabulary but also on the cultural context of the language. Therefore, we have included topics related to Serbian culture and art in our course.

Our methodology is based on the CEFR and communicative language teaching. We provide our students with authentic materials, such as videos, songs, and texts, and encourage them to practice their language skills in real-life situations. We also offer personalized feedback and support to our students, as we believe that every learner has unique needs and goals.

If you want to start this course, please visit our website and register for it. We are sure that this course will help you improve your Serbian language skills and broaden your knowledge of Serbian culture and art.

➡ If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. 😎

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