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Write a lesson: Why? How?

Here are some tips to help you create a language learning lesson:

The Wiki page editing is done thanks to the MediaWiki Engine, the software used by the famous Wikipedia.

What editor choose?[edit | edit source]

You have two options:

Visual Editor[edit | edit source]

If you are new at Wiki page editing, we recommend using the visual editor which is a WYSIWYG editor.

Click the Actions > Edit button.

Creating pages is intuitive with the various buttons to format the text.

Wiki Code[edit | edit source]

If you have a little more experience, we advise you to directly use the Wiki code because you have more formatting options.

Click the Actions > Edit Source button.

How to organize a lesson[edit | edit source]

How should you organize your lesson?

To organize your lesson, and for SEO (Search engine optimization), it is good to add title and different levels of headings.

Here is an example of page structure (using the Edit Source button)


<div style="font-size:300%;">Vocabulary for animals in English</div> (Lesson title)

==Vocabulary==(level 1)

===The farm animals===(level 2)

===Pets=== (level 2)

==Expressions== (level 1)

==Videos== (level 1)

Here are examples of existing lessons to inspire you:

Lesson title[edit | edit source]

If you want to write a title for your lesson, USE the following code:

<div style="font-size:300%;"> TITLE </div>

Important: do not use the heading level 1 code:

=TITLE= This heading is already used automatically for the page title (the page title is the same as the title in the URL) and we can have only have one Heading level 1 per page (for SEO reasons).

Heading level 2[edit | edit source]

Use the following code :


Heading level 3[edit | edit source]

Use the following code:

===The farm animals===

Tables[edit | edit source]

Here are easy ways to create tables without having to use the wiki code or the visual editor:

Create a table: Solution 1[edit | edit source]

  1. Create the table in Excel
  2. Copy and Paste the table in the page with the Visual Editor mode (do not use the "Edit source" table but use the "Edit" table)
  3. Save the page
  4. Edit the page, this time, with the "Edit source" tab
  5. At the top of the table, add the following code, this will make your table much nicer

Replace the line : {| By the line : {| class="wikitable" Or by the line : {| class="wikitable sortable" if you want to make it sortable

Create a table: Solution 2[edit | edit source]

  1. Create your table in Excel
  2. Use this free tool to create the wiki code equivalent to your Excel table
  3. Edit the wiki page with the "Edit source" tab
  4. Paste the code

Update a table[edit | edit source]

  1. Copy the table from the html page
  2. Paste in Excel
  3. Edit your table in Excel

Then update the wiki page, using solution 1 or 2 above.

How to format the table header[edit | edit source]

The table header is a special row at the top of the table with the title of each column.

Here is how to create a table header:

Edit the page with the Edit source button:

  • replace the following wiki code (only the first line)  :

{| class="wikitable"

|header title 1

|header title 2


  • with this code :

{| class="wikitable"

!header title 1

!header title 2


You just have, ONLY on the first line, to replace the | by a !

Links[edit | edit source]

Internal links[edit | edit source]

To link to a page which URL is inside the Polyglot club wiki, use the following code:

[[Language/English/Grammar/To-be|different text]]

External links[edit | edit source]

To link to a page outside Polyglot club wiki.

[ MediaWiki]

Images[edit | edit source]


[[File:My_pic.png|thumb|none]] Align left


[[File:My_pic.png|thumb]] Align right

[[File:My_pic.png|thumb|My Picture Caption]] with a caption

Voice Recordings[edit | edit source]

See this page:

Videos[edit | edit source]

To add an embedded youtube video inside a lesson, click the EDIT CODE button.

Then, simply circle the video ID like this:

<youtube>[ID code]</youtube>

The video [ID code] can be found inside the URL of a Youtube video.


if the URL is as follows:

The code to copy is S4ypgbP2Jn4 (between v= and &)

After inserting the following code:

<youtube> S4ypgbP2Jn4 </youtube>

the video appears as below:

Lists[edit | edit source]

Bullet list[edit | edit source]

*item 1

*item 2

The result is as followed:

  • item 1
  • item 2

Bullet list 2[edit | edit source]

*item 1

**item 12

The result is as followed:

  • item 1
    • item 12

Numbered List[edit | edit source]

:#item 1

:#item 2

The result is as followed:

  1. item 1
  2. item 2

Numbered List 2[edit | edit source]

#item 1

##item 12

#item 2

##item 22

The result is as followed:

  1. item 1
    1. item 12
  2. item 2
    1. item 21

More information about lists

HTML and CSS[edit | edit source]

If you know html and css languages, you can do almost any formatting like in the following lesson:

Create your own page title[edit | edit source]

See this page:

Write a lesson: Why? How?


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