Why machine translation will never be better than human translation?

Hello everyone,

During my online presence here at the site, I have noticed that people tend to use machine translation applications more often than asking others to help them translate a text from a language to another .
In my opinion, we simplify our view of the other language from the start. This is why we are taking the short easy path and it could take us to an unknown destination. Translator myself, I advise people here to socialize, to read between the lines, to be in contact with real people who have trained in the field of translation (literary, scientific, economic, cinema etc.).
Another important thing is to have enough culture to be able to get the job done. For example, you cannot translate the Spanish word " Guantanamera " without knowing that it is a woman residing at Guantanamo.

The more we create applications that facilitate translation from one language to another, the more we create conflicts of understanding. Languages are not boxes of tables containing small lexical units.

In my case (my native language is Arabic), many scholars and scientists have tried to digitize words. This is a good thing. However, a major problem remains, which is the shadow of the contextualization of meanings and expressions.

We create our own demons. A travel app is supposed to help you minimize the effort to reach your destination. In the language, we can minimize the effort. However, we will never be able to reach our destination, which is true genuine beauty.

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deldar2 profile picture deldar22 weeks ago
this article was hard for me but i understand it.
thank you
vincent profile picture vincent2 weeks ago
great article thanks !