How to live, study and find a student job in China?

China is among the ideal destinations for international students. By the year 2020 it plans to welcome 500,000 foreign students. Indeed, the conditions are rather affordable, both in terms of cost of living or visa accessibility.
In this article, you will learn everything you need to know to live and study in China, and the conditions and employment opportunities for students.

The paperwork

Of course, the paperwork must be adjusted first. To do this, you must have a valid passport. For a stay in China, there are different kinds of visa: X, D and Z visa.
The X visa is for students or trainees who seek a stay of more than 6 months. The D visa is for professionals who will stay less than 6 months in China. And finally, the Z visa is a work visa is intended for foreigners and expatriate families, sent by a company.
The conditions for obtaining a visa, work permit, health insurance or a vaccination card depends on the country where you come from. It is thus necessary to check with your embassy or consulate.

Life in China

One of the advantage of living in China is the cost of living. The cost of food is affordable, if one refers to the prices in other European countries. It is the same for the price of household appliances and clothing. Rent of housing is about 150 euros per month with the exception of major cities such as Shanghai.
In order to study in China, you can enroll in a private or international school. Expatriates are not allowed in public schools.

Finding a student job

It is possible to study and work at the same time in China even if the conditions are difficult. Small summer jobs or during the school year, after school, are not very numerous. Your language skills will serve you a lot, especially if you have some English and if you live in a big city. But beware, the competition is tough.
It is important to be aware that the visa X does not allow to have a job. Except on one condition: to find work before arriving in China. Proof of employment or other proof will be required. A piece of advice: before leaving your country, look for a job! Arrived in China, get in touch with the compagny, otherwise it might be a little difficult to find a job there.
Also know that the visa X allows you to do an internship related to your studies. Before you leave your country, do some research. It is even possible to be compensated (housed, fed ...) except the monthly salary which varies between 300 and 400 euros per month. Internships are not necessarily paid. Finally, the legal working hours in China is 40 hours for full-time contract.

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