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I think the most important journey is not the city or country we discover but the friends with whom we share these moments!
Here are some tips on how to meet people and make friends when traveling alone.

- Forget all your preconceptions

Many people start with countless preconceived and false reasons they can’t do certain things. They feel too old or too young, too shy, etc., to try to do this or that. You can always learn something from everyone you meet, whatever their age.

- Stay in a hostel

When traveling alone hostels are undoubtedly the best place to meet people. There are people of all ages. Of course, you will always meet young globe-trotters. But you will also come across families who choose to travel on a budget.
The little secret to remember about hostels is that they often offer single rooms. In this way you can have the privacy of a hotel stay while enjoying the benefits of community life.
You will also need to get some information before booking. I remember that for my trip to Dublin I went through the HostelBookers website to see what people thought of each location. The Hostel that had received the best review was in a place I had never heard of with a really great atmosphere. In general, you will find very detailed and accurate reviews.

- Polyglot Club language exchange events

Polyglot club members organize meetings
in many cities around the world. Participants are very open minded. You will meet locals who want to learn foreign languages and foreigners (travelling or not) who want to learn the language of the country. There, you can easily make friends who can also show you around the city.

- Become a leader: organize a Polyglot Club meeting

One of the basic principles of human psychology is that people are always attracted to leaders. So instead of waiting for things to happen, make them happen!
For example, you can become a Polyglot Club organizer by creating a new meeting on the website: choose a nice, quiet public place downtown (like a pub or a park), a day and a time. Other members in the area will register for your event and you will meet a lot of new friends.

Create a new meeting HERE!

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