How to have fun while learning English.

English is necessary in many careers and is really a skill to develop steadily. However, it is not always easy to get better and everyone cannot travel in an English speaking country or afford private lessons.
If it can be free and fun, that's better!
Here are some free and fun ways to improve your English (almost) without efforts:

- Meet foreigners and attend language exchange events

It is not necessary to live abroad to practice the language with someone whose English is the native or adoption language.
Polyglot Club fullfil the need for French to speak English ... and vice versa! The association exists in various cities in France and worldwide!
Polyglot Club offers language exchange meetings in English and in all languages. Learn languages and meet new people at the same time!
After creating your profile on the site, you will be able to find new friends and exchange online via email or skype, ask questions, post an entry in English and have it corrected.

- Host foreigners at your place

You can invite native English speakers at home thanks to Polyglot Club! Not only will you meet new people, practice your English but you will be able to be hosted for free during your next trip! To do this, specify on your profile that you want to host (checkbox "Host someone at home").

- Watch movies in English

There are 3 stages, depending on your level (and your difficulty of understanding):
1. Watch the series in English with subtitles in your native language
2. Watch them with subtitled in English
3. Then start watching in English only!
Some series are particularly simple to understand probably because actresses interpret bourgeois characters that articulate well, "Desperate Housewives" is thus particularly recommended to start. In contrast, The Wire, using the slang of Baltimore, is extremely difficult. Another tip: do not hesitate to watch a series in English you already know, you will be less frustrated not to understand some details, and it will be easier for you to make the connection between English and your native language vocabularies.

- Learn thanks to the things you love

To make your learning easier, simply choose your topics of interest. Do you like Photo? Football? Art? Clothes? Regardless your hobbies, translate your passion into English and start your research: visit English-language sites devoted to it. You will not only learn new vocabulary, but also discover information regarding your passion, authors, subjects you do not know yet. You will develop and your bilingual culture!

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