How to post a video?

It may be very helpful for all PolyglotClub users to find some relevant and effective video tutorials for language learning. All Polyglot Club Members may add video materials that they consider interesting to learn a particular language. This way, you will contribute in the building of a strong and reliable pedagogical backup for the whole Polyglot Club Community.

Websites like, provide just that. Although those websites are not specifically geared towards foreign language education, yet they offer hundreds of videos pertaining to language learning/teaching.

As a language learner, you know that it is your own interest to exploit all and every source of information, in order to develop your skills in the target language. So, do share with the rest of the Polyglot Club Community the videos that worked best with you, that taught you the most; in one word, the videos that brought you something that helped you in your learning.

Add a NEW video NOW!
Go through the following steps to add your video:

- Find a good and interesting language learning video. You can search for interesting, useful and GOOD QUALITY language learning video on several websites. List of websites you can use with Polyglot Club. Once you found a proper video, select the video website in the drop-down list and paste the video URL in the box. PLEASE, DO NOT POST INAPPROPRIATE VIDEOS OR WITH VULGAR CONTENT:WE WILL NOT ACCEPT VIDEOS WITH OFFENSIVE CONTENT.
- Select the right language level in the drop-down list. If you think this video is hard to understand, choose the advanced level. If you think it is easy, choose the beginner level.
- Choose a title.

And that's it!

Thank you for your contribution.
This will be a great database for Polyglot Club users and language learners worldwide!

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