Why is reading in English so important to improve?

The title says, "Read In English" but this method can, of course be applied to all other languages. In my opinion, one of the most effective ways to improve your English, is simply reading in English.
Have you ever noticed that there is a difference between the words that we know and the words we use in a conversation? We can recognize a lot of words reading a book without necessarily try to use them in conversation.
In fact, there are two levels of knowledge. On one hand, there are words known passively (you can be recognized, but not use them), and on the other hand there are words used actively. The trick is to learn to recognize many words as possible and have enough confidence to use them in a conversation.
One of the best ways to improve passive vocabulary is through reading in English. The number of words passively learned builds a solid foundation for future active learning.
Here's why improving his English can be done through reading. First off, learn new vocabulary must be done through recognition. Once you are familiar with the words, one can begin to see how they can be used in conversation.
Learn the words in real contexts means that one is probably able to use the word in the right situations. This is much better than learning from vocabulary lists.
How to improve your English by reading?
1. Read content according to your level. This means that what you read is not 100% known, one can come across unfamiliar words, but not enough to break the fun of reading.
2. Read a content of interest. Then we are more motivated to make the effort to read in English.
3. Read regularly instead of forcing yourself to read 2 hours once a week: 10 minutes a day, before falling asleep, in the morning or during a break in the day.
4. Guessing unknown words with the global context rather than look them in the dictionary.

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