How to start an adventure with Polish

Polish is commonly recognized as one of the hardest languages in the world.

Accumulation of "rustling” words, declension and atypical syllable clusters difficult to pronounce are a nightmare for foreigners.

Wealth of grammar rules and ambiguity of words are also difficulties which every learner needs to cope with.

There are many methods of studying and improving language skills but which ones are suitable for Polish?
How to make this language easy to study?

Here are some tips which help you improve your way of learning Polish.

Firstly, listen to Polish. It is impossible to learn any foreign language without contact with it. Let your brain adapt to new sounds and vocabulary.

You should listen to naturally speaking people and step by step get used to Polish.

Remember, using the soundtrack from courses is not a good idea. This type of record is rather artificial and do not allow us to adjust 100%.

In real life Polish people speak very fast and they do not clearly distinguish ever word. I highly recommend that you subscribe to Polish YouTubers, among Others 7 metrów pod Ziemią, Inaczej Mówiąc and Arlena Witt.
The makers of this channel use brilliant, official language and they have good diction.

Another way to introduce the language into daily life is to listen to Polish songs. There are thousands of soundtracks so everyone will find something appealing.

Currently, some of the most popular musicians are Dawid Podsiadło, Natalia Nykiel, Cleo, Roksana Węgiel and Vicky Gabor.

Do not wait, create your playlist!

Secondly, try to connect the process of learning Polish with your passions. Are you an enthusiast of history? Read about the past of Poland. Trust me, it is extremely interesting. Word by word translate the articles and catch new words.

Is travelling your hobby? Plan a small trip to Poland. Use Polish websites to get some information about attractive places and worth-seeing sights or museums. Come to Poland and confront your knowledge with reality.

Are you interesting in cooking? Prepare Polish national dishes at home. Find some recipes in Internet and try to remember how we name the products and specific actions.

Stay open-minded for new experiences and do not be afraid of making mistakes.
Thirdly, make a Polish friends. You can meet Polish people almost everywhere. If you have an occasion, talk with tourists. It is a fantastic option to start new friendships! Thanks to the Internet you are able to chat with Polish people and ask them for everything you want to know. Be courageous! We never refuse help.

The websites such as Polyglot Club give you a huge chance to practice your language skills. Do not miss this opportunity!
Finally, remember to keep track pf your progress and make notes. Write every word which you will learn in a note book. Another option is to prepare vocabulary list on Quizlet where you can also do some exercise connected with new words. Try to bind the words with the correlated pictures. It helps you to associate the sounds with a picture.

Also It would be great if you stick piece of papers with Polish words to basic objects which you use every day. In that way you will subconsciously study during prosaic activities. Be creative!

In conclusion, It does not matter which way of learning you will choose, the method needs to be yours. Find something which gives you satisfaction and freedom during the study. Stay patient and give yourself a lot of time. Nothing happens suddenly.

Only hard work makes it perfect!

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interesting read. thank you!
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This text is PERFECT!!!
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