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About meAhoy crew! I am pleased to welcome you to my profile. My name is Alicja and I am a Polish girl, proud of her Slavic roots. I allowed myself to use ’maritime’ regard at the beginning because hopefully for some years I will be able to introduce myself also as a professional sailor or even a captain! As you can guess sea, boats, ships, and all the stuff connected with them are extremely important for me. Maybe for most people, it can sound ridiculous but there is nothing better for me to take a rest and recharge batteries than being on the board of the vessel and experiencing long crossings, even those with storms. Although my current adventures with sea travels were rather ’poky’ and I am sure that I did not discover even 1% of secrets of seamen and water’s countenances, I am determined to change it soon. The enrichment of my sailor’s book of memories is my biggest goal for upcoming years.Expect that, I have plenty of other hobbies. Okay, maybe that’s enough about me. I think it is high time to come back to the clue and explain why I am here. The same as the majority of users, I would love to practice foreign languages with people from different countries, not necessarily native speakers. I speak English pretty well, maybe not fully grammatically correct but I am still learning. My level in this language is B2-C1. What is more, I have been studying German for 6 years at school but honestly, it is not my cup of tea. After all those years I know just some basic words and rules but I can understand not complex texts. When it comes to languages which I would like to master I have to mention Italian and Norwegian. Why those? My life plans include living in those countries at least for some time and I am convinced that such knowledge would make my process of integration with locals and making new friends easier.

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