What is the Polyglot Club Subscriber’s Badge for?

Your annual membership fee entitles you to several advantages.
You will also receive a Subscriber's Badge to wear during every meeting.
To check all advantages and fees, view the REGISTRATION FORM.

To subscribe to Polyglot Club, hand the form to our staff during the following meetings in Paris:
- Monday
- Tuesday
- Wednesday
- Thursday
- Friday
- Saturday

More INFO about the NEW SYSTEM in Paris.

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Mostafa2220 profile picture Mostafa2220September 2019
I don't have access to the My Form section
Guetty profile picture GuettyMarch 2021
Hi, my name is Guetty, I would like to learn several languages with you, I’m a student in medecine thank you.
polrayane profile picture polrayaneAugust 2019
I have prablem with my friend registreation
NormanYoung profile picture NormanYoungJuly 2019
Am Norman Young, 50 years of age.... an engineer, i work with the oil rigs company as the rig manager...
  • vincent profile picture vincentAugust 2019
    Welcome to our events Young, all nationalities, ages, language levels, welcome