What is the ”Name Tag” Policy?

When you arrive at a PolyglotClub Meeting, the organizer (host) will provide you with a name tag (sticker).
Your host will write your first name on top and in CAPITAL letters.
Then, below your first name, specify ALL the languages that you understand and/or speak, regardless of your level of fluency.
This tag has two main functions:
1. It enables other participants to address you directly with your first name.
This allows for a more relaxed and convivial atmosphere, very conducive to language learning.
2. Other Members will read your badge and thus, will talk to you in the appropriate language(s).
For the reasons stated above, you should stick your tag where it is most visible, in order to facilitate interactions. This name tag is also geared towards giving you a sense of belonging to our PolyglotClub Community.

Welcome to the club! the polyglot club!

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