I’m attending a polyglot meeting for the first time. What should I expect?

You might feel a little shy if you're attending your first Polyglot Club meeting.
You will have to speak a foreign language you may not speak fluently. Besides, you will have to speak that language to a complete stranger.
Just watch this video and you will probably feel more confident for your first language exchange meeting :

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There is no choice: in order to improve you have to speak and you must not fear the mistakes. Your motivation to improve is the most important thing, forget about the rest !
Language learning is a bit like learning to swim, you have to "go in the water" and dive into the "linguistic pool ".
When facing an unknown situation, it is often natural to feel shy. The first few seconds are the hardest but you will soon feel comfortable as everybody is very welcoming and, above all, the main goal of language exchange meetings is to open up, speak to others, mingle around.
On your arrival, an organizer from PolyglotClub (with a "Staff" t-shirt) will welcome you by giving you a name tag (sticker) with your name and the languages you speak written on it.
The spirit of our community is precisely to have an open and welcoming attitude. These meetings are based on communication and the principle is "everyone talks to everyone else."
Many of the participants are newbies like you and if you come alone you can start to talk to them. Participants who are used to those events will also be very pleased to introduce you to the concept.
If you are afraid to come alone, you can also bring some friends along with you. However, we do not necessarily encourage that: coming alone will force you to be more open to others and to make some efforts. You will then be less likely to stay with your friends and then your language practice will be more effective.

If you want to practice a language in particular, ask your Polyglot Club host, he will refer you to a participant who can teach you his/her language and who is learning yours.
Polyglot Club meetings are held in public places like pubs or bars. Those places are in a partnership with the PolyglotClub association. Hence, all or a specific part of the place is reserved for our language exchange activities. Thus, don't be afraid to appear "strange" when speaking in a foreign language to someone, as everybody is there for the language exchange and is aware of the concept. Everyone will play the game !

So, open up and take a dive in the language pool !

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