What is the ”Drink Policy”?

For your Polyglot Club Meetings, you are HOSTED in public but COMMERCIAL places.
These bars have their own constraints and expenses, and sometimes only open for us.
They are not allowed to FORCE their customers to order beverages, but if they do not meet their goals, they MAY CLOSE their doors to Polyglot Club Meetings.
So, if you value your Meetings, it is vital that each participant order AT LEAST ONE drink.
PolyglotClub gets a commission on EVERY drink, so the more you drink, the more you support your Polyglot Club community, activities and quality of services!
While you should refrain from excess drinking, scientific and empirical evidence show that one glass of liquor helps the language learner to lower his affective filter, and therefore communicate in a more relaxed fashion.
Now, for adepts of teetotalism, we would humbly recommend carrot juice with a zest of lime =) Bottoms up!

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