How to set up a “PolyglotClub Meeting”

This section is for both PolyglotClub Members and PolyglotClub Administrators who wish to set up a PolyglotClub Meeting.
Before you begin, please read the paragraphs regarding the PolyglotClub Approach to language learning and exchanges,
as well as the concept of Active Ear
In addition, PolyglotClub proposes a variety of Meeting concepts for you to choose from. Each of these concepts is the result of carefully planned study and research.
Then, practice and empirical evidence helped validate them. So, we suggest that you make a choice between:
- PLOC 50/50
Last but not least, the respect of our basic "PolyglotClub Philosophy", as well as the PolyglotClub
"Drink Policy"
and "Smoke Free Policy " cannot be overemphasized.

In order to create and advertise for your Meeting, PolyglotClub offers you the opportunity to post an event in its "Meetings" section.

There are only a few steps for this communication. From the "Meetings" section of the PolyglotClub Website.

Create a New Meeting Now!

How to post an event?
After a PolyglotClub Administrator has validated your Meeting, s/he will send an email notification to all the PolyglotClub Members in your Region.
To enhance your chances of success, it is wise to submit CONVENIENT:
- Day: Post your message about two weeks before the Meeting. Allow enough time for Members to read your post, then fit the event into their (often) busy schedule.
Bear in mind that on week-ends, public places tend to crowd up.
So, consider a week day instead.
For more success, try to gather every week on the same day.
This way, participation will be more spontaneous and your Meeting will be perennial.
- Time slot: Right after office hours (5/6pm) may suit a certain category of participants. But your best bet is probably around 8/9pm, depending on the "Law of the Land".
- Duration: Varies according to circumstances. Anything between two to four hours. A subtle balancing act between enough practice without boredom, and sufficient effort, yet no strain. A little frustration is often conducive to better learning.
- Place: Easy and quick access for the majority of participants! It is fair to say that the more central the venue, the easier for most participants to join in, and the longer they can stay. Try to find a place that already attracts foreigners. This will be an additional incentive for Members to take part.
The best setting for a PolyglotClub Meeting is a quiet and comfortable place such as a cafe, a pub, a bar, a restaurant, or a park (if the weather permits).
Ensure that the participants regularly and freely switch partners.
For this purpose, the room should be large enough, and the furniture (tables and chairs) easy to shift.
Ideally, the participants would be standing through the most part of the Meeting.
This favors spontaneous interactions, and blood circulation too ;-)
To maximize your chances of success, try to avoid noisy (no loud music) or busy locations.
To further enhance participation, there are other ways to promote your Meeting.
Wanna use your tongue? Tell it! And see you there!

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