What is the PolyglotClub Philosophy?

Our philosophy at Polyglot Club is to create, maintain and develop linguistic and cultural exchanges through active participation.

We believe that Members can become more sensible language learners, as well as better individuals, while also having fun.
Our goal is to provide our Members with the best partner matches, knowledge, and skill training as possible.

Members will have support from the entire PolyglotClub Community, as well as expertise from authorities in the fields of Glottology, Cultural Studies, and Didactics.
What PolyglotClub Members are accomplishing is beneficial on many different levels.
Therefore, we shall strive to enhance PolyglotClub Members’ language skills, and knowledge of foreign cultures.

Members shall have the opportunity to interact and improve.
In this mindset, each Member shall enjoy doing all of the above with no other reward than the personal gratification derived from these exchanges.

Lastly, PolyglotClub Members may count on the full support from our worldwide network for all their individual endeavors, when compatible with the PolyglotClub Policy.
Success will not be measured by the number of languages PolyglotClub Members can speak, but by the betterment of each individual.

To achieve this, PolyglotClub Members must be role models, so as to instill fundamental ethics and common good in all PolyglotClub participants.

PolyglotClub shall keep the interests of their Members first and foremost.
This means that PolyglotClub shall host regularly scheduled Meetings in convenient locations, and in the best possible conditions.
Polyglot Club shall strive to promote each individual Meeting regardless of their personal agenda or benefits.
Likewise, each Member shall actively elevate PolyglotClub, and develop exchanges between as many individuals as possible.
This is why PolyglotClub is proud to believe it is one of the best existing websites promoting languages and cultures worldwide.

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