How to report spam messages?

If you receive spam messages or comments, please let us know via the "Report as Spam or Offensive" link.
If you receive spam messages on, please don’t click on any links included in the messages, and please don’t reply to them by e-mail directly. Upon receiving a Spam Report from a user, we will check the spammer’s account and delete it if we find that the user violates the Terms of Service.

- Case 1. Spam Message:
In the bottom right corner of a message is the "Report Spam" link. Click on "Report as Spam or Offensive".
- Case 2. Spam Comment:
Place the cursor over the spam comment, and then “Report Spam” link will appear above the message to the right hand side. Click on "Report as Spam or Offensive".

If you are unsure if a message is spam or not, please report it. Together, we can make Polyglot Club a better place!

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Mickey_oj profile picture Mickey_ojMarch 2020
I think the erinadja account is a fraudulent account. This person contacted me asking me to send her and email. Be careful
Aljina profile picture AljinaMay 2019

Hello. There is a scummer in this site. He pretended to be an american. But his english is wrong. He said me that he is a jornalist. He sent me request to be my friend in this site. I know much about scummers. And his behavior is very much like scummers. I wrote him letter and warned him. After that he changed the photo oh his profile. And on the photo was other man. He added some people in his friend list already. Be carefulб friends. His name is georgerobe81.

CAROLINA80 profile picture CAROLINA80November 2017
Hi,Hi, I would like to denounce that there are people supplanting the identity of others. Johnson5252 I believe that he is not who he says he is and I have also seen the same photo with another name currently.
Thanks and regards