What are Polyglot Club's offline services?

Offline services, as opposed to online services, are real-life activities. Polyglot Club encourages the set up of cultural and linguistic events around the world. These events are facilitated by a network of "Country" or "Region" Administrators. Those Administrators are selected on the basis of their skills and motivation. How to become a Polyglot Club Administrator?

Polyglot Club encourages its members to structure their offline activities as follows:
- PLOC : Polyglot Loves Cultures (Cultural Meetings) or "Polyglot Cafés". It is a cross-cultural encounter that allows members to address language and cultural issues. Or to talk about any subject in the language they choose.
- PLUC : Polyglot Potluck (culinary and cultural encounters) or "Polyglot Picnics". The "Potluck Dinner" is typical in the United States. It is a gathering around a table that participants fill with food and drinks to share with all the guests. The emphasis is on the culinary diversity and members are encouraged to discover the specialties of their region of origin.
- Polyglot Parties : dance evening with a space for language and cultural exchange.
- Polyglot Trips : Trips organized between members
- PLAC : Polyglot Language Class (communicative activities group). It is not a traditional language class, since nothing is taught formally. PLAC is a meeting of members interested in the same language and motivated oral practice of the language in communicative activities. This activity can be likened to a conversation class in a specific language.
- PLEC : Polyglot Lectures Conferences (Conferences intercultural). Readings, lectures and intercultural discussions organized spontaneously by members in appropriate places. A PLEC is to improve the knowledge and understanding of foreign cultures.
- PLIC : Polyglot Live Choir (International Singing group). In PLIC, we find among the members one or more musicians, singers, and any other participant who wishes to enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment. The goal is to share the joy of singing in all languages.

In Paris, PLOC (Polyglot Cafés) are held 3 times weekly with, on average, 120 participants. "Polyglot Parties" are held every Saturday. "Polyglot Trips" are held twice a month. During the summer, PLUC (Polyglot Picnics) are held every Sunday. Some special events may rally up to 600 polyglots! Check the list of next Polyglot meetings in Paris.
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