What is ERASMUS + ?

Until now, several European exchange programs allowed you to do part of your training abroad. The most famous is the Erasmus program for students. Since January 2014, the Erasmus program is integrated into the new Erasmus + program. It is more ambitious, more open and simple.
Erasmus + aggregates the former Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and Erasmus on three key actions: organizing mobility, cooperation in strategic partnerships, support policy reforms. Big news: better quality and greater impact of funded projects, students will no longer submit their application individually. Now, mobility will be organized by institutions or training organizations.

Program Missions

In France, for example, Erasmus + program or European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, is managed by the Europe-Education Agency -Training France.
It is intended for all audiences: school, adults and students.
These can go and study in a European partner education institution or do an internship in a European company.
Clearly, as an "Erasmus student +", you pass your exams on site and get the notes validated in the degree of your country. It's the principle of recognition of the period spent in the host institution .
During your stay you can also use your passport "Europass". This is a set of five documents which reflect in terms of skills and knowledge qualifications achieved, completed training and professional experiences.
The duration of an Erasmus + stay is between 3 months and 1 year.
In general, students decide to leave when they get to a minimum level.
The reason? All countries that have signed the Bologna agreement have agreed on a level of qualifications. This program opens the doors of the 28 member countries of the EU plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Switzerland and Croatia.

Europass, your passport to study abroad

Europass is a set of five documents to articulate your skills and qualifications in Europe.
Two documents are in open access:
- The resume (CV) presents your skills and qualifications clearly and effectively
- The Language Passport is a self-assessment tool for your skills and linguistic skills.
CV and Language Passport are creating online directly from the Cedefop website, Examples and instructions will help you complete these two documents.
Two other documents are issued by competent authorities in education and training:
- Europass Mobility is used to record the knowledge and skills acquired in a mobility study or work placement in another European country; it is implemented by any type of institution or organization wishing to enhance the quality of the mobility experience of their learners
- The Diploma Supplement, developed by higher education institutions, describes the knowledge and skills acquired by holders of diplomas of higher education.

Internship Mobility for students

The program proposes to carry out your internship in European companies. This has largely favored departures. Soon, the students took the opportunity face the realities of European companies. The highest demand is in the fields of social sciences, business and law (50% of courses) and engineering, manufacturing and construction (about 20%). Europe attracts, but not for very long periods: on average, the internship lasts 3 and a half months.

Possible grants

Applicants whose applications is be accepted will be eligible for financial aid. Howerver, Erasmus+ mobility grants are intended to cover the additional costs of a study period abroad and not the entire cost of the stay (between 150 and 300 € for mobility grants for studies and between 300 and 450 € for the placement mobility grant).
In other words, it does not allow you to live. Indeed, this scholarship is intended among other things to help if the standard of living is higher than in your country.

To go further ... The Ploteus portal presents the training offer in Europe. Five entries are possible: the study opportunities, education systems, scholarships and exchange programs, practical information about each country, and finally a "Contacts" page to ask questions online.

Erasmus + for school education and adult education (former Comenius and Grundtvig)

It provides future teachers who have completed at least two years of higher education to become assistant and to live a European adventure. They are thus confronted to a different teaching educational system.

Similarly, Erasmus + allows anyone wishing to complete careers in education of adults to work as an assistant in a European organization.

Erasmus +, for education and vocational training (former Leonardo da Vinci)

Its objective is to finance in Europe internship mobility for people in initial professional training (students, trainees).
The program is also open employees and job seekers in the filed of vocational training.

- Member countries of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland , Portugal, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Sweden.
- Countries participating in the Tempus program: partner countries of the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Mediterranean.

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CandaceSanchez profile picture CandaceSanchezYesterday

This Erasmus+ program sounds like a great opportunity for both future teachers and those interested in adult education. The idea of ​​experiencing a different education system by being an assistant in another European country is not only an adventure but also a valuable learning experience. I recently wrote an essay about what it means to be an American citizen in Europe. I wanted to do it as efficiently as possible, so I used for help, this is a great resource that I can recommend to you. It is great that this particular program extends to those who wish to pursue a career in adult education, offering them the opportunity to work in European organizations and broaden their horizons. I will tell my friends about it because my experience is the best!