What is ”Learning to learn”?

"Learning to Learn" Definition

The European Commission defines as “Skill to pursue and persist in learning, arrange own learning and manage your time or information efficiently”. This is based on each one is engaged and motivated to build their own knowledge and use it in different context such as home, workplace or in your free time.
The skill learning to learn implies develop cognitive and emotional aspects. A part of others abilities which allow you know better and control you own learning processes. To be able to tolerate frustration to fail, relieve stress when you study harder or be able to understand and accept you student role. They are things we must learn if we want to learn healthily and efficiently.
It’s a necessary this ability is taught since children because it’s important to discover gratification for finding out something new or resolve a complex problem and this will encourage you to continue.

How can we learn the skill of learning to learn?

First of all, getting consciousness itself what means learning or learning knowledge and how they provide your life. What’s more, influence over concepts such as intelligence or (to be smart) will be basically to get this skill. Because, incorrectly people teach us someone is smart when are able to remember many different things or when gets many points in a test. Forgetting this is too much simplistic and incomplete.
Second goal will be to learn planning, reviewing and assessing you own behavior when I am facing a task. What I mean is to know where I want to get, how reach there and what minimum step I should be do or if instead I am not in the suitable path.
By this meaning, cooperative tasks are very appropriate for previously goals. “They force us” to think all previous steps and also communicate and take decision together with others.
Finally, as I said before, this skill has an emotional part. These are attributions people make about success or failure. Therefore, if someone feels competent or skillful they will probably get it but by other hand, if someone feels useless or incompetent they will not get their purpose or at least it will be much harder than really it is.
This writing is based on an article written by Elena Martín Ortega; Aprender a aprender.

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