Why You Should Learn a New Language

Learning a new language might not be all that easy, but there are many benefits indeed. Many people learn languages for many different reasons, but here I will cover seven fundamental reasons you should open those books and start learning a new language.
1. You'll have a lot more culture. People who have culture are people who are knowledgeable and know their way around life. If you know another language, you'll be more cultured simply because this will permit you to travel more and you'll know the world better.
2. People will like you. People like people with knowledge, from whom they can learn, as long as they're not show-offs. People like hearing stories from other people and countries; so by telling them about your travels in your new language, you may develop new friendships.
3. You'll discover a lot. Thanks to your extra language, you'll not only be more open to a whole new culture; you'll be able to meet thousands of other people. No one knows where life will take us; knowing this extra language might just make your life completely different.
4. You'll develop your mind. You're exercising your brain when you learn, so you should be faster at memorizing and doing simple mental exercises. When you learn a new language, you need to put words and verbs together, which works your brain. You'll be very good at associating other things as well.
5. Career Advantages: People who are fluent in at least two languages (their native language and a second one) are in greater demand in the job market, and will often “beat” the competition because of that second language. Any company that has or plans to have an international presence will almost always select the candidate with proficiency in a second language.
6. Better Travel Experiences: When individuals speak the native language of countries they visit, they are able to establish immediate rapport with the “locals” and are thus more intimately immersed in the culture, learning things that a typical “foreigner” would not. On several occasions in my travels throughout Central and South America, I was invited into homes for meals and great discussions about politics, economics, and such. My perspectives have certainly been broadened.
7. Improved understanding of grammatical structure in one’s native language: This I discovered first-hand as well. Just learning verb tenses in another language allowed me to identify them in English and made me a better English teacher.

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Igor105 profile picture Igor105June 2020
People learn languages out of necessity or out of curiosity, but both are Maslow's pyramid of needs. The more intelligent a person is, the higher up this pyramid they try to climb.
Mariyam-okh profile picture Mariyam-okhJuly 2016

totaly agreed yes

yashil profile picture yashilJanuary 2016
Very Nice ,I really enjoyed reading this article ,good job !
Thien_111 profile picture Thien_111December 2015
I hope you`ll not take offence at my corrections, it seems to me it is possible to express some sentences more exactly in different way
 December 2015
Great article!
salehh profile picture salehhAugust 2015