Native language names (autonyms): தமிழ்
Other names for this language: Damulian, Tamal, Tamalsan, Tambul, Tamili
שפה זו מדוברת בארצות הבאות: India

தமிழ் Tamil » Friends
March 2014
தமிழ் Tamil » Hi, my name is Josh and I would like to learn Tamil
May 2013
தமிழ் Tamil » Hi I'm french & would like learn tamil
October 2012
தமிழ் Tamil » hy
October 2011
தமிழ் Tamil » I will help to learn tamil.
January 2011
தமிழ் Tamil » Aidez moi apprendre francaise et je vous endeigne tamoul
August 2009
தமிழ் Tamil » Learning Tamil.
April 2009
தமிழ் Tamil » Who can help me to learn tamil pleaseeeee
March 2009
தமிழ் Tamil » need friend
October 2008