How to meet foreigners in Paris to practice English?

You cannot speak a foreign language alone! You can start speaking to yourself in a mirror but it will become soon very boring... On the contrary you can speak with native speakers or persons who are learning the same language as you.
How to find native speakers or students learning the same foreign language as you?
Where to meet? How to dare to talk to them?

Here are some ideas :

Talk with foreign students

To improve your language skills, it is best to talk to foreign students. "A foreigner is not a teacher, he is not there to judge the quality or accuracy of your English. Even if you make mistakes he can understand you and appreciate your efforts.
You can do an exchange with an English student who wants to improve in French. An hour of conversation in French for an hour of conversation in English. It helps build confidence.
Working in pairs with a native, outside school, is very beneficial.
Polyglot Club organizes regular polyglot meetings in Paris and in many cities around the world. Next Polyglot Meetings in the World
You can also search for exchange friends: Find penpals now!

Do not be afraid, get started!

Language learners often fear being wrong. They have the feeling of being a fool if they make a mistake. And it is true that we have much less confidence when speaking in a foreign language: we feel very quickly limited, but we have to overcome this unpleasant feeling.

Mistakes are necessary to learn, you must not be afraid to make some! We all make mistakes, even in our native language, and it does not matter.

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Aniess profile picture AniessJanuary 2020
I like to speak English easily
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Hi there Please I want improve my English skills are there any one help me?