How to improve your understanding of spoken English?

To start with, you have to agree not to understand everything. If you think about it, in your own language too it can happen not to understand a word or a whole expression. This does not prevent you from understanding what it is about.

Use all sound clues

You have to use the information you know in order to guess the one you don't. You can use background noise, accents, intonations (anger, surprise, excitement ...) and generally everything the ear can capture. Concentrate on what you understand, set aside any unknown expressions.

Favor video media

First, choose the video media because the image provides real help to understanding. Many English channels are available on your TV or on the Internet. Be regular: ten minutes a day is better than longer watching sessions.
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Movie trailers

The film soundtracks, easily available on the Internet, are attractive and authentic and images once again bring real help to understanding. This also allows you to hear different accents and language levels.

Improve using your favorite TV shows

If you're a fan of American series, join the business with pleasure! Choose to watch your favorite series in original version with your language subtitles at first, if you do not have the habit of the original version.
Then try to enjoy your favorite series in original version with subtitles in English. It always provides an aid to understanding, but also allows you to read what you hear simultaneously. If subtitles are very accurate, you will easily memorize new words or phrases. If subtitles are succinct, you will use your inference abilities!
Subsequently, you will watch your favorite show without subtitles, just for fun. You will then measure your listening comprehension improvement.

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