What is a "Language Exchange"?

A language exchange is when two or more individuals who speak the same OR different languages practice a common language together.
For example, a Spanish speaker who is learning English can do a language exchange with a Chinese speaker who is learning the same language.
The first reason for members to enroll at Polyglot Club is to practice foreign languages. Thus, we try to offer you such opportunities. What we propose is not just socializing, we have a universal, humanitarian, social and professional goal, all at once! We endeavor to provide an adequate and comfortable environment to match your goals. In this mindset, we will give you the means to encourage yourself to use orally the languages that you spend so much time and effort memorizing.
The two learners do not necessarily have to be natives of the language they exchange. Likewise, two native speakers of Japanese may very well speak or write to each other in Russian if they are both interested in this language.
- Tips to optimize your language exchange
- Ways to do a language exchange

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