How to use the "Find Friends" advanced search?

Sometimes the "basic search" is not enough to find your ideal language exchange partner. You will need to find members using more refined criteria.

The "Advanced Search" can be done according to the following criteria:

- Chat softwares (ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, AIM, Gtalk): Only users who filled their username on the software will be displayed. Beware, you must be a VIP member to be able to contact members via chat software.
- Gender: Choose male or female.
- Age: Only members within the age range will be displayed;
- Can host? (Yes / No): Only users who accept to host will be displayed;
- With Photo (s)? (Yes / No): Only members with a photo on their profile will be displayed;

- Sort by. Sorting of results can be performed by one of the following criteria:
- Date of the last connection (Last connected members appear first);
- Registration Date (Last registered members appear first);
- VIP members (VIP members appear first);
- Number of Visits (members who have visited the site many times appear first);
- Profile Update (members who recently updated their profile appear first);
- Country (members are sorted by country in alphabetical order);
- Region (members will be sorted according to the region in alphabetical order);
- City (members are sorted by city in alphabetical order);
- Username: Enter the username of the member you are looking for;
In order to reset the page for the original results, simply click on "FIND FRIENDS" on the left menu bar. If you don’t reset the page, your subsequent searches will keep refining the last results obtained.

Once your have found your partner, you can:
- Click on his/her Username: to read his/her profile;
- Click on the small "envelope" icon to contact him/her through Your Mailbox:
Be aware that, prior to contact a Member, you need to Sign-up with our website.
We hope you will find the person ready to help improve your language skills and have you discover new cultures!

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Logicman profile picture LogicmanSeptember 2019

Where i can see my contact list? Or a list of friends?