How do PolyglotClub Country Administrator deal with Region Administrator?

This is ONLY for PolyglotClub Country Administrators.

Important things to consider before PolyglotClub Country Administrators appoint new Region Administrators:

A) Only appoint ONE region for each PolyglotClub Region Administrator.
This is because it is hard for a single Administrator to supervise two different regions simultaneously. Besides, at PolyglotClub, we believe that ALL PolyglotClub Members should have an equal opportunity to administer the PolyglotClub Community in their area.
B) You should delay your decision for TWO to THREE weeks, before you notify them of your decision.
A new PolyglotClub Region Administrator CV might look very interesting, but there are various things to consider:
1. This period will serve to test the candidate's REAL motivation.
2. This period will allow you to evaluate the candidate's profile long enough.
3. This period will allow more time for other (and possibly better) candidates to apply.
4. Lastly, it looks more serious for the candidate if you ask him/her to wait until the end of the "screening process". NO company/organization hands down such responsibilities SO easily and quickly. If an applicant were afforded such a position, so hurriedly, s/he may have SERIOUS doubts as to the professional acumen of PolyglotClub Administrators.
Keep in mind the "Date of Application" when appointing a new PolyglotClub Region Administrator.
If after a TWO to THREE weeks period, there is still only ONE applicant for a given region, then you can offer him/her the position.
Insist that they read ALL the FAQ regarding PolyglotClub "Administration" and also ALL the FAQ regarding PolyglotClub "Meetings".This will motivate them and give them ideas about how to promote PolyglotClub in their Region.
Good luck and don't forget that PolyglotClub is for YOUR fun and learning, first and foremost.
Therefore, what's good for the PolyglotClub Community is good for YOU!

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