What are the Duties of PolyglotClub Country and Region Administrators?

PolyglotClub Country and Region Administrators have a number of privileges. In addition, they are expected to fulfill some basic responsibilities and duties.
As soon as you are appointed as Country/Region Administrator, you should:

- Step 1 - Fill out the PolyglotClub Information Page for your Country/Region.
Here is an example of "Information Page" for Country: France.
Here is an example of "Information Page" for Region: Ile de France (Paris). Once you have completed Step 1, you should send a private message to pat (World admin), so we know that you have done your first duty.
- Step 2 - Organize PolyglotClub Language/Culture Exchange Meetings.
Create a new Event NOW!

Step 3 – Advertise your PolyglotClub Meetings.

Step 4 - Communicate with other PolyglotClub Members at your Country/Region level, using the Comment Wall.

Step 5 - Country Administrator only: select, recruit, and Manage Region Administrator.
All these duties are geared towards promoting and developing the PolyglotClub Community worldwide, and therefore, these simple activities are in YOUR best interest!

Teamwork always pays, so do not hesitate to contact PolyglotClub World Administrators for further information and/or for help.

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