What are are the Administrators Do's and Dont's?

1. Don't blame nor criticize others.
You should only use positive words, either on-line, or while attending Meetings.

2. Be responsible for your emotions, if you feel the urge to complain about other Region Administrators, your World Administrator, or other Members, take a walk and cool off before you write/say something that might embarrass you or others.
3. Do not impose anything to the Members.
Do not take the initiative for any new Term of Service.
Let your World Administrator set the rules.

4. Always praise Members, do not degrade them.
5. Don't incriminate your Country Administrator or World Administrator. Always take your own responsibilities, and BE POSITIVE.

6. Be a role model for the Members.
Have the utmost respect for the Members, other Region Administrators, Country Administrators, and World Administrators, and strive to show only the best side of your personality.
7. Have fun! This is a learning experience, and therefore, it should be intellectually and spiritually uplifting.
Above all, as a Country/Region Administrator, you have even more reasons to feel proud and fulfilled.
Enjoy every moment and every aspect of your privileged position.

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