What is a "PolyglotClub Administrator"?

Country Administrators (CA) and Region Administrators (RA) report to the World Administrators (WA).
They are responsible for moderating chats and forums, fostering meetings, and implementing PolyglotClub regulations.
The Country Administrator or Region Administrator endeavor to provide creative and enjoyable language and cultural exchange environments.
They have full authority to assist the World Administrators to ensure that all safety, care and quality of supervision standards are met.

Practically, among other activities, PolyglotClub Coutry Administrators will be responsible for:

- managing/editing PolyglotClub Meetings and comments posted on their Country's "PolyglotClub Meetings" section;
- selecting Region Administrators.
Although there are no financial or material reward, the privileges and perquisites are invaluable.
As a PolyglotClub Country/Region Administrator, you have access to a wider and tighter network of World, Country, and Region Administrators throughout the world.
This is a unique platform from which to strive on both a personal and a professional level.
So, just take off with us!! We are currently recruiting fun, enthusiastic, friendly people for various administrative positions for our PolyglotClub Website.

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