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Кратки притежателни местоимения

здрасти, Bulgarian Learners! 😃

➡ In today's lesson you will learn how to use the short possessive pronouns in the Bulgarian language.

Happy learning!

Short possessive pronouns English equivalent
ми  my
ти  your
му  his
й  her
му  its
ни  our
ви / Bи  your
им  their
  1. We use the short possessive pronoun ви for both 2nd person singular and 2nd person plural. When used for the 2nd person singular, it is a polite form and is written with a capital letter – Ви.
  2. We use the short forms of the possessive pronouns more frequently than the full forms.
  3. We can use the short possessive pronouns only after nouns and the nouns usually have a definite article: къщата ми, апартамента му.
  4. Most nouns that define members of the family do not add a definite article in singular form when used with a short possessive pronoun – майка ми, баща ми, сестра ми, брат ми, жена ми, дъщеря ми, баба ми, дядо ми. In plural we always add a definite article.
  5. If there is an adjective before the noun, the short possessive pronoun comes between the adjective and the noun. The adjective always has a definite article: новата ми работа.

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