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Членуване на прилагателните

здрасти, Bulgarian Learners! 😃

➡ In today's lesson you will learn how to sue the definite articles of adjectives in the Bulgarian language.

Happy learning!

1. There are different definite articles for masculine, feminine, neuter and plural adjectives. The gender and the number of the article depends on the noun which it defines. The article is added to the end of the adjective.

Nominative form – singular Definite article Adjective with a definite article
m.  нов парк  +ия(т)  новия(т) парк
f.  нова банка  +та  новата банка
n.  ново кафе  +то  новото кафе
Nominative form – plural Definite article Adjective with a definite article
m.  нови паркове  +те новите паркове
f.  нови банки  новите банки
n.  нови кафета  новите кафета

2. There are two forms of the definite article for masculine adjectives: full form –ИЯТ and short form -ИЯ.

3. We use the full form only if the noun phrase is the subject of the sentence or after the verb “to be”. In all other cases we use the short form.

4. When we use an adjective in front of a noun that needs a definite article, we have to add the article to the adjective, not the noun: новата къща.

5. When there are two or more adjectives in front of the noun the definite article is added only to the first adjective: новата бяла къща.

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