What are Polyglot Club online services?

The website offers the following services to its members:

- Friends: Search for language matching members and contact them through an internal messaging. Find friends now!
- Corrections: get online corrections from native speakers and help others with corrections and comments. Get corrections now!
- Chat: online multilingual conversation with a real-time translation tool. A network of chat moderators ensure a presence almost 24 hours a day. Chat now!
- Questions: Questions about language exchange and language learning and teaching. Posts are reviewed by language moderators. Ask questions and get answers now!
- Forum: Forum theme and language for exchanging ideas and tips on learning languages. Posts are reviewed by a network of moderators. Submit a post now!
- Videos: Language learning videos classified by language and level. The video quality is ensured through a scoring. Find videos now!
- Multilingual interface: The Polyglot Club website is translated in more than 100 languages through a collaborative system. Join the Translation Team now!

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armaan_kha profile picture armaan_khaMay 2021

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: 💜TOP💙 ENGLISH💚 SPEAKER❤️ *Group Rules* 1. Strictly *VOICE NOTES ONLY* during *SATURDAY TO THURSDAY.* NO STICKERS EMOJIS allowed *FOR* Members. 2. Never discuss religious and politics matters, insulting people, and anything which can harm other members. 3. Not Allowed links, videos and selfies 4. No Advertising 5. Text only allowed for admins 6. Don’t send *pm*. If anyone informs us, he will be removed soon. 🏌‍♀️ 7. Members *VIOLATING RULES* will be automatically *Kick Out* ❤️ WE ARE FAMILY HERE ❤️