How to immerse yourself in learning a new language

An excellent way to learn any language is to completely immerse yourself in it. Of course not all of us can just up and move to a new country to learn the language faster. But, there are many ways that you can immerse yourself without moving.
One way to learn faster is to watch movies and listen to music in the language you wish to learn. With movies, you can use either audio or subtitles to help.
Another way is to do simple things like making your to-do list for the day in the language you are learning, or walking yourself through a task in the language.
Learning from various sources is also good, no need to limit your learning to just the classroom.
Read newspaper articles and videos from the Country or Culture that speaks the language you wish to learn.
You can also carry a small study list with you for when you have a bit of time to yourself.
Learning retention can be increased by listening to classical music like Mozart while you are learning.
CDs or audios for your phone can help you to practice while driving or walking. You can also play such an audio while you are cleaning or cooking.
Finally, conversations with native speakers is key. That is what makes Polyglot Club website so awesome.

Find native speakers now!
There are so many ways to incorporate practice into your day, doing so helps you to learn faster and create good habits.
You may always email me for my routines, methods, and resources. You may also e-mail with any questions you may have.

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momenabdeen100 profile picture momenabdeen100May 2015

I do believe that the best way to learn a new language by listening like the child at the first year he or she just listen and after one year he say one word like mom or dad and time by time he makes progress so if we make it in steps :

1-You have to listen more and more as much as you can .

2-You have to read a lot something you love .

3Yyou have to practice with a native speakers .

4-You have to write a lot .

vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2015
Thanks Mr Daniel for your very interesting article ! feel free to encourage your friends to translate it in all languages : change the language on the top right of the page, and start translating