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Welcome to Paris Polyglot Network!
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Welcome to the Polyglot Club Paris language exchange network

Welcome to Paris, one of the most international and cosmopolitan city in the world! :)


lindien profile picture lindienMarch 2018
Hallo, ich bin Französisch und studiere Deutsch . ich werde sprachen und schreiben mit Freund aus Deutschland..ich will French helfen..
huggies_ka profile picture huggies_kaMarch 2018
Hello ! My name is Hugues, I can teach French and I would like to improve my English level. Re-learn Spanish and learn Portuguese.
mar_cando profile picture mar_candoFebruary 2018
Hola quisiera y me gustaría mucho aprender el idioma frances y puedo enseñar español
Savvadental profile picture SavvadentalFebruary 2018
Bonjour, je m'appelle Savva, je suis Ukrainien. Je parle Russie et France. Je voudrais raconter nouveaux amis.
Olivialala profile picture OlivialalaFebruary 2018
Hi all, My name is Olivia who can speak Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, English and French. I want to find a partner as I would like to speak French fluently. For exchange, I can help you in Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese or English (opt to you^^). Please let me know if you are interested! Thank you in advance and have a nice day~
  • vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2018
    Welcome Olivialala among the Paris Polyglot Community, see you at the next event
ShelleyUK profile picture ShelleyUKJanuary 2018
Hello everyone ! My native language is English but I speak French fluently so if you want I can help you with both languages. I would like to improve my Spanish level which is conversational at the moment and start to work on my Arabic too. Please contact me ! This would be a great opportunity!!