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Welcome to Paris Polyglot Network!
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Welcome to the Polyglot Club Paris language exchange network

Dear polyglots in Paris area,

If you want to practice  ENGLISH (written or spoken) for free, join the official Discord server ”Polyglot Club Paris”. This server is specially dedicated to members of the Paris region and Ile de France. Once in the main lobby, join the ENGLISH room (text or voice chat).

Connect to Chat Server:

Best, The Polyglot Club Paris team


vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2008

  Look out !!! Saturday 16th of February, in PARIS   

  Home PARTY !!!

vincent profile picture vincentJanuary 2008

Hello Polyglot & Salsa Lovers !

This is a new invitation for Salsa Dancers members of Polyglot in Paris: REGISTER HERE

jeffkga2392 profile picture jeffkga2392April 2013
Hello would anybody be interested in going to Amsterdam with some Erasmus students? a great way to practice international languages! Send me a message if you'd like more information