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Welcome to United Kingdom Polyglot Network!

We have many members, please expand your network, practice the language, or find friends to talk with. We are having (almost) monthly meetings in City of London. Please check just below comment wall or City of London page for the latest meetup if you are interested in it. Also feel free to contact us should you have any question, opinion!


Sarakhoshsima profile picture SarakhoshsimaFebruary 2018
Hello my freinds.I want to learn english i will teach persian,please send me message ????????????
Sarakhoshsima profile picture SarakhoshsimaFebruary 2018


fb_1504098773 profile picture fb_1504098773September 2017
hello my friends. i want to learn english and i will teach you arabic please send me a message if you're interested
MAARIIAA profile picture MAARIIAAOctober 2017
pim_hnoo_k profile picture pim_hnoo_kJuly 2017
I want to develop my english.
I can teach you thai language, so we can change the expiration all together. ????????????????



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