FIRST Polyglot Meeting in Bristol

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  • Date: Jun 29, 2013
  • Time: 14:00
  • Address: Address visible for attendees
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 HELLO, dear Bristolian Polyglots!
  I don't think that Bristol had any polyglot meetings until now, but there is a beginning for everything. The point of this very first one is to get to know the polyglot community in our city. We also need to know how many people are interested in this opportunity, what languages they can speak and want to share with others or what languages they want to learn, in order to make decisions about future events. From my point of view, this is a great chance to learn and share knowledge, but also to meet new people and have a good time! Everyone is welcome, language lovers of all ages and from any background! If you know any family members, friends or colleagues that like languages and enjoy learning about different cultures, bring them with you as well, but before that ask them to create an account on, as it is very important to keep an evidence of the people who participate to these events on the website! 
UPDATE: We will be meeting at 14:00 by the fountains at the harbourside. Look after someone with the Polyglot Club logo (who will be me...hopefully with the other people. ). We'll be waiting around 5 to 10 minutes and we will decide where to go exactly.  The NO 1 Harbourside cafe is the one who might be good, although if it's too crowded we can go somewhere else.
I hope to see you all there!laugh
Alexandra A,
Polyglot City Of Bristol Administrator


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jasonukbristol profile picture jasonukbristolJune 2013
I forgot about this until now. Did you speak in some different languages?
  • Alexzya profile picture AlexzyaJune 2013
    Don't worry, you didn't miss a lot of things, we are just beginning,haha! We didn't get to speak any different language , it's more about finding several people who speak the same languages at the know, gathering enough polylgots :P . We have English (obviously), Spanish, Romanian, Italian, French, a bit of Portuguese, someone who would like to speak Polish, Swahili as well...
raducarligeanu profile picture raducarligeanuJune 2013
Hello, I was there, I tried to find you but I couldn't identify you in the crowd ... Sorry for that.
  • Alexzya profile picture AlexzyaJune 2013
    Oh my God, I am so sorry for this! I was worried that this would happen when I saw that big crowd at the fountains. Next time I'll choose a better meeting place so we can clearly see each other,haha. Sorry again!
Atchoum77 profile picture Atchoum77June 2013
Hello, I am new, I joined yesterday and I would like know if there are other foretold meeting.
  • Alexzya profile picture AlexzyaJune 2013
    Hello and welcome to PolyglotClub! Yesterday was our first meeting, so don't worry, this thing just started in Bristol, but yes, I am thinking about creating a new meeting in a week or two. Keep checking the website, I will create the event asap!
Alexzya profile picture AlexzyaJune 2013
Thank you to the ones who came today, I hope you had a good time! Hopefully for next time we'll get even more people to join us!
vincent profile picture vincentJune 2013
cool!! don't forget to post pictures after the meeting Vince admin