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Hello and Welcome

to Polyglot Members based in Hampshire

We are here to learn from each other, to share language-learning resources, and to teach each other. If those of us living in Hampshire organise ourselves locally so that we actually get to know each other by creating a more cohesive on-line community, then we are likely to get a lot more out of knowing each other. We could also be more welcoming to members from other regions who are visiting our area, which could open up even more networking opportunities and friendships.

In order to try to encourage our membership to grow, and to build something that is worth being a part of, and something that brings people together in friendship to help each other, it would be good if we could build a network within Hampshire, with a sub-strata of more local groups. We could then support each other and feed off each other's ideas and successes at bringing people together for language, friendship, and cultural exchange in our areas.

So please contact me if you would be interested in participating in real-life meetings, or in getting together to organise such events in your locality. Also if there are clubs or social groups in your town or area who have a similar interest in bringing people together for language or cultural exchange, then lets harness their activity, and try to support their activities, and involve their members here too!

I hope to be publicising our first Hampshire event sometime soon - but it is all about member participation, so lets get talking. And organising some "chin-wags" !

Nigel, (aka RFEngineerUK

Your friendly Hampshire Network Administrator

I have a Trinity TESOL Cert , so I am a qualified ESOL teacher. Any others out there?

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