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Hi to you all. I’m a guy living in London since 1999. I like to study languages - though currently a kind of stopping half way through, I’d love to continue to study English more, or Italian. I would also want to understand Enligsh/Italian culture (yes, more!). I can share my knowledge about Japan/Japanese in return. Just meeting up, expanding human network would also be ok for me. It’s fun to get to know people (especially when you drink beer in the pub), isn’t it? Now I’ve become U.K. administrator in this website to support Polyglot to grow together. Your creative idea would be great help for us. Currently I’m organising once-in-a-meeting in City of London and there are normally around 30-40 people getting together, chatting, practising languages, making friends. You should come to the meetup if you are interesting in physically meeting up with people! Some notes for people... - You can use basic html in this comment. You can use italic, bold, underline, font color etc. - Please avoid uploading any picture which expose nudity. It will be deleted by site administrator. - If you write down even a little comment here, then people can get to know you at the very least which will add up possibility to get response. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, opinions!

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