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What are some of the most commonly used idioms in Russian?
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Nastya02 profile picture Nastya02   
“Белая ворона” is an unusual human in society
“Вешать лапшу на уши” something like telling untruth
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fb_1511271643 profile picture fb_1511271643   

"Перед смертью не надышишься" It is said, when someone tries to do everything at the last moment, not in advance.

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  • ivanova_ma profile picture ivanova_ma   
    "Не наелся - не налижешься" - has the same sense.
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Alex-Ru profile picture Alex-Ru   
"Деньги не пахнут" (Money doesn't smell (stink)) - mostly in negative context. Means no matter how you gained money, you managed to gain them.
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