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What are some of the most commonly used idioms in Russian?
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kate_andry profile picture kate_andryYesterday
кто не работает, тот не ест
fb_1511271643 profile picture fb_1511271643June 2019

"Перед смертью не надышишься" It is said, when someone tries to do everything at the last moment, not in advance.

Nastya02 profile picture Nastya02June 2019
“Белая ворона” is an unusual human in society
“Вешать лапшу на уши” something like telling untruth
Alex-Ru profile picture Alex-RuJune 2019
"Деньги не пахнут" (Money doesn't smell (stink)) - mostly in negative context. Means no matter how you gained money, you managed to gain them.