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Interested in Slavic Languages and Literatures; World Literatures; Writing; Economic & Policy Research; Russian & World History; Fitness & Nutrition; Vintage American Guitars; and Music. In addition to working as an academic, I am Chief Editor - English - of a series of English-language textbooks and manuals for the Ministry of Education, Russian Federation. I am here mainly to teach English to native Russian speakers of Russia, Ukraina, and the former Soviet republics. I am also committed to assisting Russian speakers living in DONBAS (LPR and DPR) with their acquisition/improvement of the English language. I am also interested in learning about residential opportunities in Ukraine, especially in the vicinity of Odessa, and in Russia, especially Kaliningrad and Kareliya. Education: Doctorate in Economics, University of Chicago. Doctorate in Linguistics/Philology, University of Illinois at Urbana. I am USA-born and an American, but I choose to live in France. Note: While I mostly assist native Eastern Slavs (Belarus, Russian and Ukrainian) to improve their English, I am also open to assisting French nationals with improving their English -language skills as I live in their fine country and feel I should contribute something of value to its people. While While the EU states generally suck politically and (increasingly) culturally, France is okay, as are Poland and Hungary.

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